Eye 1

Now we’re going to activate one of the LEDs, which we do in the setup() function.

The text in between the braces (curly brackets) {...} is executed automatically after turning BOB3 on once.

Our setup() function here contains exactly one statement:

bob3.setLed(EYE_1, WHITE);

This statement turns on BOB3’s first eye EYE_1 in the color white WHITE.

Compile your program by clicking on compile in the menubar below.

The compiler creates a .bob3 file using your code, which can then be transferred onto BOB3 using the BobDude application.

After compiling, you can find the file next to the ‘compile’ button.

After compiling, you can download the file by clicking on the button part2.bob3. The file will automatically be opened in the BobDude program.

If it worked, BOB3’s eye #1 should be lit and white.

“Help! I can’t get it to work...“
1: When is the setup() function called?
2: How often is the setup() function called?
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