Now we want to light up the white LEDs on BOB3’s tummy.

This is done by using the new method:

bob3.setWhiteLeds(led3, led4);

The tummy LEDs are extra bright white LEDs and can be turned on or off.

Our new method
setWhiteLeds(led3, led4)

has two parameters:
led3 and led4

You have to replace the words 'led3' and 'led4' with the uppercase words 'ON' respectively 'OFF':

In the place of led3, we have to write whether LED 3 is ON or OFF.

In the place of led4, we have to write whether LED 4 is ON or OFF.

Test out your program on your BOB3!
Compile your new program and test it on your BOB3.
1: Can you have both tummy LEDs lit and the eyes at the same time?
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