Up until now you’ve written two lines of code to light both eyes up in color.
Look at the example on the left!

In this example we get to know a new method:
bob3.setEyes(color1, color2);

This method allows us to turn on both eyes in color with a single line of code.

Our new method
bob3.setEyes(color1, color2);

has two parameters: color1 and color2

We replace the text color1 with the uppercase color name that eye 1 should have, e.g. WHITE

We replace the text color2 with the uppercase color name that eye 2 should have, e.g. ORANGE

We can replace the code in lines 8 and 9 with the statement

bob3.setEyes(WHITE, ORANGE);

Test your new program on your BOB3.
Compile and test your program on BOB3.
1: If both eyes should be lit in orange, can you simply use bob3.setEyes(ORANGE);?
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